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Extraordinario, extraordinaria

“It’s a lonely place to be

When people just don’t understand me

I always try and learn how to blend

They always say that I don’t fit in

And its not easy being me


I’m trying hard to be me

But I’m tempted to just roll with the sea

Forget about my own identity

Be like everybody else and just copy


I’ve gotta decision to make better be wise

Will I sacrifice myself to become like everybody else

Or will I rise


I resolve to find strength somewhere else

I won't let the absence of their love tear me down anymore

I will love myself “ Extraordinary, VICTORY

(Leed y escuchad la canción entera porque es bellísima.)

Eres extraordinario, eres extraordinaria.

Un ejemplar único y especial.

Ámate con todo y en todo.

No dejes de mirarte.

Reserva tu sesión.

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